Normatec Therapy
in Houston, TX

What is Normatec Therapy?

Initially developed for medical patients with severe circulatory and peripheral vascular disorders, the NormaTec is now the most effective recovery tool for athletes who want maximum performance recovery.

NormaTec Compression Therapy can be used both before and after exercise.  Before exercise, the system acts as a high-tech massage to warm up your muscles, while using after intense exercise will significantly speed up your recovery process, allowing you to train harder and perform better.

How does Normatec Therapy work?

The NormaTec system is comprised of a control unit with seven digitally selected intensity levels that send compressed air into the full-length compression leg boots to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed. Wearing NormaTec’s full-length leg compression boots before or after an intense workout can help rejuvenate the muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness—meaning less downtime and greater performance.