Regenerative Medicine


All it takes is one false move, one failed pass, or one wrong turn, and our bodies can break. More often than not traditional medicine turns to surgery as a first treatment rather than as a last resort. But who has time to take off work for 10 weeks to recover from surgery? Most of us are too busy living our lives, to put everything on hold to have surgery.


Fortunately, regenerative medicine eliminates the need for unnecessary surgery, but provides full recovery through regenerative, conservative care.

How? By building on what your body can innately do, and stimulating it in a very powerful way through a protocol of injections and therapies, regenerative medicine can provide complete and total healing without the stress, cost, and downtime of surgery.


Our regenerative medicine protocols allow people to recover well without having to necessarily take time off from life to do so. To us, it’s about more than just making you betterit’s about restoring function so your body performs the way it was intended to.


When most people think about regenerative medicine – if they think about it at all – they think of it as something that is years in the future. In reality, the practice of regenerative medicine has been around for decades – starting with the first bone marrow transplant – while the study of it has been around for over a century. In that time, regenerative medicine has helped thousands upon thousands of people live better lives.


Currently, regenerative medicine is being used in a number of different areas, including orthopedics and sports medicine,


Regenerative medicine facilitates repair of injury or illness, or the
regeneration of issue, using the body’s own innate ability to heal itself, boosted in a very powerful way. How amazing – and game changing – is that?


The National Institute of Health defines regenerative medicine as a
rapidly developing field that has the potential to transform the treatment of human disease and injury through innovative new therapies that offer a faster and more complete recovery – with significantly fewer side effects or risk of complications than surgery or drug therapies.


The regenerative medicine protocol we use at Vanguard Sport and Spine incorporates a series of injections comprised of an extracellular matrix that creates a stimulating factor in your body, causing your damaged cells to regenerate and recover in an appropriate way.


Our regenerative protocol includes:

  • A physical exam to evaluate your injury
  • Imaging (i.e. X-ray, CT, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI to determine the significance of your injuries),
  • Temporary stabilization using orthotics, bracing devices, or walking boots.


In addition, the regenerative treatments themselves include:

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Regenerative interventions
  • Prolotherapy
  • Amniotic tissue matrix – This protocol is a tried and true method of healing that restores health and hope to people without the pain, stress, and cost of surgery.


So if “healthcare as usual” no longer works for you, or if you’d like to explore a medical option that revolves around cutting-edge protocols, it may be time to consider regenerative medicine to find the root cause and a cure for what ails you.