Medical Weight Loss
in Houston, TX

Why is it hard to lose weight?

If you’ve been counting calories and exercising, but the weight won’t budge, it can be frustrating trying to lose weight on your own. Doctor-supervised medical weight loss at Vanguard Spine & Sport can help.

A major contributor to weight gain is insulin dysfunction. The traditional American diet contains high levels of processed carbohydrates — including chips, bread, desserts, and other packaged foods — which contribute to insulin regulation issues. When you consume highly processed carbohydrates high in sugar, your pancreas must produce insulin in order to absorb this sugar and use it for energy in your muscles and organs.

Over time, the production of insulin can become dysfunctional — even if you don’t have diabetes. In some cases, this is called insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. The team understands that insulin dysfunction, along with thyroid conditions and certain hormonal factors, can make weight loss difficult.

The Vanguard team offers personalized coaching and nutrition programs to address all of these underlying issues and make weight loss possible and long-lasting.

What types of weight loss programs are available?

The team works with you to understand your experience with weight loss and what diets or exercise plans you’ve tried in the past to lose weight. They may also recommend blood testing to determine if you show signs of insulin resistance, thyroid issues, or hormonal imbalance that may be contributing to your weight loss struggle.

Based on your personal experiences and weight loss goals, the team develops a safe, effective plan to support your weight loss. In many cases, the team recommends the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method (IPWLM) which can help people of all ages to lose weight and make lasting lifestyle changes with permanent results.

How does the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method work?

Originally developed for Olympic athletes, the IPWLM utilizes high quality, protein-rich foods to reduce your dependence on carbohydrates for energy. The team works with you to determine your exact protein needs and then recommends foods and Ideal Protein dietary supplements to reach your daily nutrition goals.

The team may also recommend additional supplements to ensure you’re getting the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to maintain or gain lean muscle mass. This entire process is divided into four distinct parts so you can gradually make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals.

To get a personalized weight loss plan, call or schedule a visit online at Vanguard Spine & Sport – Houston, TX now.

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