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“Doctors and staff are really friendly, they pay attention to details and explain the situation well. I had sever lower back and feel much better after a few sessions.”
“My neck was in really bad shape when I came into Vanguard. After just a couple of weeks, they were able to restore full mobility and in four weeks I was pain free.”
“Dr. Iguess and Ms. Virani were kind, patient, and compassionate along the way. Dr. Oswald adjusted me a few times and he was a pleasure to work with.”
“The doctors are amazing and the staff is sweet, professional, and really care about how you feel.”
“I love this staff! They’re literally the best ever and always extremely friendly, very knowledgeable, and they treat every patient based on their unique needs.”
“Vanguard has a very nice and clean clinic with top of the line tools! Their staff is very friendly and will go above and beyond to make you feel your best.”
“Kanon Oswald is a professional that listens to your problems and recommends selfcare as well which I appreciate as I don’t have time to go for relief all the time. However I will say, I do get very quick relief from the treatment given when I have a neck or low back flare up. I am older and had a bad ski accident and have managed without surgery for 25 years and I attribute my management of my condition to the care with Kanon!”

“Staff was very nice organized and seemed genuinely concerned about my condition. Their plan for diagnosis and treatment is in line with what I was hoping for. This was my first visit however I was very satisfied so far.”

“It seems pretty obvious that everyone here loves their job. I’m glad I picked the right place to help me treat some neck issues I’ve been nervous getting professional opinions about.”

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