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Are you suffering from debilitating back or spine pain? Experience transformative care and regain a pain-free lifestyle with innovative back pain treatments at Vanguard Spine & Sport!

At our Memorial back pain clinic in Houston, TX, you’ll find the best doctors for back pain dedicated to providing our patients with upper and lower back pain solutions that go beyond conventional treatments without medications and surgical procedures. Our back pain treatments offer non-surgical options crafted to alleviate upper and lower back pain stemming from a diverse array of painful back ailments.

Persistent back pain, whether due to an injury, overuse, underlying health conditions, or other factors, can drastically hinder your daily activities. At our clinic in Memorial, our back pain doctors utilize advanced chiropractic care and innovative treatments like spinal decompression therapy to ease your symptoms, lessen the stress on your spine, and assist you in achieving a rejuvenated, pain-free life.

If you are experiencing chronic or severe back and spine pain in Memorial or the surrounding Houston region, reach out to a back pain specialist at Vanguard Spine & Sport today for effective and long-lasting back pain solutions.

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3 Easy Steps to Pain Relief in Houston, TX


First Visit Assessment

On Day 1 you will meet with our team for a consult, exam, and imaging (if needed) to get to the bottom of the “Why?” behind your pain.


Analysis By Our Full Team of Specialists

Next, our entire team of physicians will meet to analyze and discuss your condition and determine the best course of care.

Treatment Plan Within 48 Hours

We schedule your Day 2 visit within 48 hours and provide you with a personalized care plan, treatment timeline, and transparent pricing.

Our Memorial Back Pain Clinic: The Best Doctors for Back Pain in Houston, TX

At Vanguard Spine & Sport Memorial, we are committed to delivering empathetic and integrated treatment options for a range of chronic and severe back pain issues. Our skilled team of back pain specialists excels in non-invasive pain management and enhancing overall well-being, ensuring each patient receives optimal care and results. We adopt a team-based approach to develop customized treatment plans that directly target each patient’s unique back or spine issues and health objectives.

Our advanced pain management clinic is situated in the heart of Memorial, a distinguished neighborhood in Houston, Texas, celebrated for its elegant residences, outstanding educational institutions, and green spaces. Nestled in Houston’s western side, Memorial is encircled by the Buffalo Bayou, offering picturesque landscapes and ample outdoor activities, making it a popular choice for activities, experiences, and top-tier healthcare services.

How Can Back Pain Treatments at Vanguard Spine & Sport Memorial Improve Your Well-being?

Both upper and lower back pain can arise from various causes. At Vanguard Spine & Sport in Memorial, we address these issues with a holistic approach, combining innovative treatments with compassionate patient care to offer comprehensive back pain relief to our patients in Houston, Texas, and beyond.

Our advanced chiropractic care services include spine alignment and manipulation to relieve nerve pressure and correct structural issues, while our non-surgical spinal decompression therapy provides a non-invasive treatment that gently stretches the spine, easing pressure on discs and facilitating an environment for natural healing. We also offer physical rehabilitation to help strengthen back muscles, enhance flexibility, and improve overall spinal function to prevent future pain.

Which Back Pain Treatment is Right For Your Back Issue?

Choosing the right treatment for back pain is essential and is the first step in our personalized approach to pain management. Our non-surgical treatments can address a wide range of general back pain causes, including:

  • Repetitive Stress: Micro-injuries and muscle tension from recurring movements.
  • Overuse Injuries: From intense or improper lifting, bending, or other activities.
  • Aging-Related Wear and Tear: Natural degeneration of spine health leading to pain.
  • Traumatic Injuries: Resulting from accidents or falls that impact spinal health.
  • Obesity: Excess weight that puts additional pressure on the spine and joints.
  • Whiplash Injuries: Typically result from rapid neck motions, causing neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and sometimes neurological issues, often during car accidents.
  • Arthritis: This condition in the spine leads to pain, stiffness, and limited mobility, especially seen in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Spinal Stenosis: Characterized by numbness or weakness in the arms or legs due to the narrowing of spinal spaces, exerting pressure on nerves.
  • Herniated Discs: Occurs when the inner gel of a disc leaks through its casing, causing pain and irritation of nearby nerves.
  • Sciatica: Pain that follows the sciatic nerve’s path from the lower back to the legs.
  • Lumbar Radiculopathy: Nerve pain in the lower back caused by compressed or irritated nerve roots.
  • Intervertebral Joint Dysfunction: Abnormal movement in the spinal joints leading to pain and limited movement.
  • Lumbar Facet Syndrome: Affects lumbar spine’s facet joints, causing pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility.
  • Spondylolisthesis: A vertebra slips over another, often due to structural issues, causing pain and nerve compression.

These conditions are just some of the many conditions that our comprehensive back pain treatments at Vanguard Spine & Sport can effectively manage. By addressing the root causes of pain and strengthening the back, our therapies aim to not only alleviate current discomfort but also prevent future issues, helping you achieve a healthier, optimized lifestyle.

Trust Houston’s top spine and back pain specialists for fast, effective back pain relief without medications or surgery. Contact our Memorial clinic to schedule your appointment today, or book online through the link below.

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Patient Success Stories

“Dr. Oswald has helped my husband with his back several times- one adjustment and he is on his feet like it never hurt! So excited to see the start of this new venture!”

Michal N. Moffitt

“Dr. Oswald has helped me through several back injuries throughout the past two years. Wouldn’t be playing football again without his help!”

Stephen Marcus Jurgella

“Amazing people! I developed some lower back and shoulder problems from four years in the Marines and after three sessions here, I feel great. With their relaxed atmosphere and cool equipment, I don’t think you can find a better place. They’ve earned a loyal patient for as long as I need to be one.”

Reid Tonking